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Cinema Thinks the World

Cinema Thinks the World is a series of screenings and discussions on international cinema and its relation to the world. Through these public screenings and conversations, it aims to explore how the idea of the world is inextricably linked to images of the world, that the ‘global’ is invented alongside cinematic technology. This is thus a political relationship, where the images we see inform the idea we have of the world, that this series hopes to explore, complicate, and discuss.

The series is in partnership with The Cinematheque, where some screenings are held, and is sponsored by UBC’s Public Humanities Hub. Each screening involves scholars from a research cluster at UBC, made up of faculty members working in or around cinema, bringing their knowledge into the community and generating ongoing discussions.

Panelists have included: Chelsea Birks, William Brown, Igor Drjlaca, Christine Evans, Jonathan Frantz, Ilinca Iurascu, Christopher Rea, Helena Wu, and Mila Zuo.